Ohio College Opportunity Grant

Foster Youth
As per recent OBR Memo, qualifying foster youth at community colleges continue to be eligible for OCOG for 2011-2012. Statute requires that for otherwise OCOG eligible students, their living expenses are to be added to their tuition/general fees to determine their OCOG award amount.

Foster youth who qualify should receive a letter from the Ohio Education and Training Voucher (ETV) Program that lists their ETV award. A scanned copy of the ETV verification letter must be sent to the Ohio Board of Regents in order to override the $0 OCOG eligibility that will normally populate all community college students on the eligibility roster.

Assuming the living expenses plus tuition/general fees exceed $6,222 ($5,550 plus $672) for the academic year, these community college foster youth could be eligible for the 2011-2012 maximum public OCOG amount of $672. The living expenses to consider are the full amount contained in each student’s institutional cost of attendance. Note that since living expenses are included in these students’ state cost of attendance, in these cases only, OCOG is not tuition specific.

For ease of administration, a calculator will soon be available on the Ohio Board of Regents website for this purpose.

Please contact:

Tamika M. Braswell
Program Manager
Ohio Board of Regents
Office of Financial Aid
(614) 728-8862